GRoboMac (Green Robot Machinery Private Limited) is about solving real life problems with the use of advance technology. Whether it is smart mechanization for precision agriculture or industrial automation, GRoboMac will provide solutions through the use of technologies such as Robotics, Machine Vision and Internet of Things.

        GRoboMac aims to bring in advance robotic technology for cotton picking. The machine under design, mimics the human behavior in cotton picking i.e. detecting and picking bloomed cotton, but at a relative high productivity compared to individual manual picking. Machine Vision, Robotic arms and human assisted Robotics platform vehicle are being used to achieve precision and speed of operation. The machine helps farmers to continue the use of multi-bloom cotton harvesting method we use today, unlike the machines used in single bloom farming method which yield less compared to the multi-bloom and requires applications of chemical for defoliant and Plant Growth Regulators for forced blooming. The machine has multipurpose to do precision sowing, spraying and weeding.

        The machine will be customized for other horticulture cash crops like chilli, capsicum, brinjal and okhra which requires a large human work force for cultivation.

        Robotics has increased benefits for farming community as an eco-friendly assisted farming, while multiple people choosing to go out of farming. India’s strong backbone is agriculture and assisted robotics mechanization will bring farmers back to farming and help in prosperity of family, community and country.